Welcome to the Science Simulators website and thanks for taking the time to visit!

Science Simulators puts science at your fingertips. By making science beautifully rendered and easily accessible, more people are able to explore the deeply inter-woven dynamics of the universe in this app. My first app, UNIVERSE SIMULATOR, focuses on simplifying the complexities of Orbital Mechanics.  

In UNIVERSE SIMULATOR, you can place the Sun (or multiple suns) and all of the planets in our Solar System (from Mercury to Neptune) in your Universe and watch the resulting dynamic flow of what you just created. You can change parameters such as time, velocity, mass and density. You also have the choice between Kepler (two body) and NBody (multiple body) types of orbital interaction.

Take a look at the short videos in the main section of the website to watch UNIVERSE SIMULATOR in action. Enjoy sights and sounds by toggling stunning visuals such as trails, relative elliptical orbits, predicted paths, and soothing music. The app enables you to relax and enjoy outer space with a hands-on approach to Orbital Mechanics and gives you a comfortable way to explore the complex Universe in which we live. 

The equations behind each visual representation are accurate and mirror actual physics, based on all of the parameters described. UNIVERSE SIMULATOR will bring you a new awareness of the complexities and interactions within the universe.

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